Agricultural Luigi is a form of Mama Luigi who likes farming.

Biography Edit

Agricultural Luigi was born in 1991, when Mama Luigi felt an urge to help the cavemen of Dinosaur World transition from their hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agricultural society. Sadly, Yoshkins ate all the crops, many cavemen starved to death the following winter, and Ag Luigi hastily left the country. He later supplied foodstuffs to the Mama Luigi Army and was killed during the Form Wars.

Trivia Edit

  • He has farmed stone squash, pebble peas, and weed, among other things.
  • He once made Yoshkins work as a prostitute.

Quotes Edit

  • "I've heard of weed killer, but killer weeds?"
  • "Well, since you ate the whole thing, now you can do the hoe thing!"
  • "Planting is simple! It's just planting plants in the plants. You guys can plant, right? This is easy."